Anu Biswas

Anu BiswasAnu Biswas is the Founder, CEO, and President of Prakat Solutions.

Presentation: Jobs versus Careers for people with disability

Prakat specializes in Product, Test & Accessibility Engineering and Application Modernization. Even prior to Prakat she was not new to global organisations.

She was entrusted with the responsibility of building the testing business for CA and Aztec (MindTree). These experiences helped her have a fulfilling career at Infosys, as part of the leadership who grew a strong business unit in Independent Software validation from concept to over 8000 people & 450 million USD. She was also part of teams in Verifone and Cybercash who were credited with giving life to new ideas. Key highlights inlcude Organization building, Service portfolio creation, Business planning, Sales force enabling, Global service delivery teams and Skill development.
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